Double 2 Layer Muslin Duvet Cover Set, 100% Cotton Soft Fabric 200x220 cm

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Double 2 Layer Muslin Duvet Cover Set, 100% Cotton Soft Fabric 200x220 cm

Double 2 Layer Muslin Duvet Cover Set, 100% Cotton Soft Fabric 200x220 cm

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  • Vivamaison 2 Layer Duvet Cover Set is made of 100% Cotton natural muslin fabric.
  • It has a soft, curled and comfortable texture.
  • Thanks to its breathable and cottony texture, it does not cause sweating and absorbs sweat. It also keeps you warm.
  • It is a simple, comfortable and stylish product that can be used in all seasons.
  • Comfort All Year Long: Thanks to its popular softness and high air permeability, this cotton duvet cover set always remains soft, smooth and fresh, making you feel warm on cold nights and cool on hot nights.
  • Package Included:

1 Piece 200x220 cm Duvet Cover

1 Piece 240x260 cm Bed Sheet

2 Pieces 50x70 cm Pillow Cases

  • Thanks to its open weave, muslin is an exceptionally lightweight and breathable fabric that helps keep you comfortable and warm, but also allows air to flow freely, preventing the possibility of overheating. Therefore, muslin fabric is the safest choice for all bedroom products.
  • Muslin fabrics are very soft for sensitive skin. This ensures that your child is comfortable, pampered and in a state of pure bliss. Hundreds of baby and adult products are made from 100% pure Muslin cotton for the gentlest care and comfort.
  • It is an extremely durable fabric and thus softens every time you wash it. You can freely make any model you want with our fabrics. In this way, create as many products as your imagination can handle.
  • Deviations of +,- 5 cm in dimensions are normal.
  • No ironing required
  • Washing Instructions: Gentle washing should be done at 40 degrees. For colored products, use colored product detergent. Do not use optical detergent, bleach or bleach.

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