Linen Kimono Bathrobe Raw Natural

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Linen Kimono Bathrobe Raw Natural

Linen Kimono Bathrobe Raw Natural

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  • Linen kimonos are preferred as a comfortable and cool clothing option, especially on hot summer days. Since linen is a natural fiber, it has high air permeability and absorbs sweat. Thanks to these features, linen kimonos help the wearer feel comfortable.
  • Fabric Information: 70% Linen, 30% Cotton
  • Linen kimonos are usually available in solid colors or subtle patterns. This simplicity makes linen kimonos suitable for a minimalist style. Plus, the natural tones of linen kimonos make them suitable for any combination.
  • Linen kimonos are a suitable option for daily home use as well as special events such as parties and beach days. Their thin and light structure allows you to easily fold linen kimonos and carry them in your suitcase. So you can maintain your style while traveling.
  • Linen kimonos are a popular clothing option. Straight-cut and pocketed models offer a variety of options that women can choose for a sporty or formal style. Also popular are linen trousers and shirt combinations for men.
  • Linen kimonos are also very easy to care for. They can be washed in cold water and air dried. Plus, they don't require ironing. The natural texture of linen kimonos makes them suitable for a natural style of clothing that many people prefer.
  • Linen kimonos stand out as a comfortable and stylish clothing option, especially in the summer months. Their natural structure, minimalist style and easy care make linen kimonos a part of many people's wardrobes.
  • ±5% deviations in dimensions are normal.
  • Washing instructions
  • It should be washed delicately cold at 30 degrees. For colored products, use colored product detergent. Do not use optical detergent, bleach or bleach.

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